The biggest makeup organizers for lipstick

In the last few days, I have been looking for a new makeup organizer that I could use for lipsticks. My current one is doing just fine, but I always find a new lipstick to buy and now I have a really big collection of lipsticks since I really love them and use them quite often. I was looking in my local stores and didn’t find anything good, but there was this one organizer online that I found quite nice. It’s a spinning makeup organizer with 72 slots for lipstick only! That’s perfect for my lipstick collection.

I have read some good reviews on this particular organizer and I just got it a few days ago actually. I must say that I’m really happy with it since I gathered lots of lipsticks over the last few months. Somehow I always seem to find some sale and get a bunch of lipsticks even though I don’t need that many, but it’s good to have them. You never know when you may need that one special color for a special occasion.

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But let’s talk some more about this organizer. This is the absolute biggest makeup organizer that I could find online and I got it. It’s a spinning one so it’s good when you take it with you on a trip or something like that. You can store a few powders as well which is really nice to have. The organizer itself looks great and it’s made out of acrylic, my favorite material for makeup organizers. It feels like it’s made out of good and quality material and feels bulky which I love actually because I don’t have to live in fear that I’m going to tip it over or something. On the sides, you have two slots where you can store quite a good amount of brushes if you have them. That’s a nice expansion and it doesn’t take a lot of space. I thought that I wouldn’t use that, but to my surprise, I’m actually using it since it’s there and I have lots of makeup.

All in all, this is one of the biggest makeup organizers that I found and if you’re looking for something big, then this is it. You probably won’t find anything bigger on the market, at least for now, we know that in the future there will be, but for now, this is it. It’s really good quality material and if you’re looking for something like this, don’t look anywhere else. This is what you need!

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