Buying guide

Factors to consider before buying a makeup organizer

Despite the fact, makeup organizers come in different sizes, colors and with different features, some of them are great choices, while some others are not very good. In order to get the best one, you should pay attention to the features. Here are the features that every model should have.

Factor 1 – Size

As we mentioned, there are many different products of this type and they come in different sizes. Usually, they are available in small, medium and large versions. It is up to you, which version you should take, but recommended models usually have medium dimensions. It is possible due to the fact they offer a lot of storage space, but they require less space to be placed. Even better, medium sized versions are simpler to clean, and they can be packed with additional features.

Factor 2 – Design

Maybe it sounds like the simplest thing, but a design of a makeup organizer is important it will have to ‘’connect’’ to your décor and it must look perfect in your room or a bathroom. If you are looking for a safe choice, an acrylic makeup organizer is definitely the number one makeup organizer. It is made from a transparent material, but it features other, modern and durable materials as well. The end result will be a makeup organizer that will look perfect. On the other side, it will last for a long time and it will always be in trend. This is one of the main reasons why these cosmetics organizers are the best ad the most common of them all. It is up to you which one you should choose, but the latest and the most interesting design will have a lot of advantages, so this feature is mandatory.

Factor 3 – Two pieces of set

This is a more important feature that most potential customers believe. It means that a makeup organizer will have a separate set for a makeup and another for jewelry. Due to the fact a makeup and jewelry usually go together, this simple feature may reduce the time you usually need for getting prepared for an event or a party. Usually, this feature is reserved for high-end products with bigger dimensions. It should be taken into account, simply because it doesn’t increase the price of a makeup organizer, but it makes it 100% more useful. Due to the fact they are usually based on an upright design, they don’t need more space than other products of this type. An acrylic makeup organizer with this feature will definitely make your place look better.

Factor 4 – How often do you use makeup

This is extremely important. If you wear a lot of makeup, if you use it on a daily basis or every other day, then you should really consider buying a good makeup organizer that suits all your needs. If you don’t use it often, you are probably better off. But prices of today’s organizers are really low and you can find some decent ones for less than $10 and it will serve you well.

Factor 5 – How much make do you have

This is probably the biggest and most important questions of them all. Do you have a lot of makeup? If you do, makeup organizer will serve you well. I used to have makeup in all drawers in the house and could never find what I needed when I needed it so I invested some money into a good, big makeup organizer (I bought this one) and I have never been happier since now I know where is all of my makeup. If you are like me and use it often, have a lot of it and just want to sort it and have it in one place, then buying a makeup organizer is the best thing you could do. If you decide to buy one, but don’t know which one, click here to read my guide and my reviews for few of them.