Choosing the best wall mounted makeup organizer

It is quite irritating to keep finding a lipstick shade or a favorite foundation when you are already late. At times, you tend to possess a lot of stuff, which is nothing more than the cosmetic collection. While nobody is judging you here, it is recommended organizing the makeup mess. Cosmetic collections are both expansive and expensive. There are times when there are over 50 little and delicate items. Thus, it becomes difficult to keep all those items organized, particularly as you do not tend to use all of them simultaneously.

Whether you are a cosmetic expert or not, having such items in bulk means that you are a makeup fan who loves to try different things at different times. So, it is essential to invest in a good makeup organizer. Obviously, such an organizer should have sufficient storage space as well as enough compartments for storing the makeup items category wise. It should also fit easily alongside other organizers, accessories, and products. Well, how about having a makeup organizer that can save much storage and floor space, organizing time, and can eliminate the risk of falling from a shelf or a tabletop? This is exactly what a wall mounted makeup organizer can do, which is also known as a “floating organizer”.


Overview of Wall Mounted Organizers

Originally started as an ultra-contemporary design statement in a bathroom, floating organizers are now highly evolved into versatile fixtures offering several benefits in almost any area of your home. Although they are most popular in a bathroom where these days even a toilet tends to float, the floaters are also being cuddled in the bedroom, family room, and media room. Without any legs or bottom support of any kind, a mounted organizer on the wall triggers the illusion of being floating above the floor. Thus, it adds to a candid sense of authenticity for that designated space, regardless of its décor theme.

Floating organizers for makeup items provide a distinct choice for creating a traditional look and feel and yet adding persona to the designated space. They dig a creative way for a noticeable pivotal point that aids in describing the character of a space and making an attractive statement. These organizers are no longer just for a contemporary design. Indeed, they are available in different styles, colors, and finishes that suit the underlying construction material varying from wood to acrylic. From ultra-contemporary with even lines to conventional and more detailed pieces, floating organizers in any area cuddle modern-day minimalism while fitting to the prevalent home theme.

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The Secrets of Popularity of Wall Mounted Makeup Organizers

There are many reasons why wall mounted makeup organizers are gaining popularity. First, they are compact and feature a minimalistic design, and yet accommodate a big number of cosmetic items in the most organized manner.  Second, they are integrally customizable. As they are mounted against a wall, there is an enticing opportunity for you to be more selective with where it should be placed and how high or low it should be from the line of access.  As these organizers do not depend on a flat and stable top to remain upright, a few makers have come up with smart designs. These designs come with individual compartments that you can install in any number of variations and arrangements, as per your tastes. In short, you can mix and match the compartments as per your preferences. All credit for this goes to the modular design.

Do you need an organizer with two detachable compartments? Yes, you can have it! Or maybe you need one with a few drawers below and at sides of a single big compartment? You can do that too! This kind of customization is quite unique due to which wall mounted makeup organizers are becoming even more popular than before.

Another point that adds to their popularity is lightweight design with contrastingly stiff panels. Due to modularity, wall-mounted organizers are lighter than their big, single-compartment, floor-standing counterparts. They are also easily moveable around. While it is a bit tough to install such organizers on your own, they are built to last. You can install them if you are handy but hiring a professional is better for mounting frames in the right alignment and using strong anchors. Due to their unique installation techniques, wall-mounted fixtures are sturdier than the floor-standing versions for enduring all distorts and fluctuations from a tropical environment.

Benefits of Wall Mounted Makeup Organizers

  • Makes Your Room Look Bigger and Saves Space: One of the most commendable pros of having a mounted design is that it creates an illusion of more space in the room. At the same time, it frees up much floor space. Hanging organizers forms a continuous surface due to which the floor area unfolds to give an illusion of a more spacious room. You may feel a vast and open room. In case of a monochromatic color, the organizer looks like the wall’s natural extension, which makes the full space appear more open and wider. Go for a wall mounting style if your room is small.
  • Accommodates Any Height: Standard organizers have a fixed range of height to which it can rise. However, floating models have no such restriction, as they can rise up to any height. This means that shorter and taller users can easily adjust the height of the organizer with that of theirs.
  • Gives a Streamlined Feel: Even some inches of space below the organizer goes a long way in making it feel more streamlined and less bulky. You can enjoy a modern flow by selecting a monochromatic floating model that not only contributes to a smartly minimalist look but also exposes other showstoppers, such as a beautiful view or a freestanding artistic rack.
  • Ensures Easier Cleaning: As a makeup organizer floats above the floor, it becomes quicker and easier to get under it with a mop, broom, or a vacuum than stooping for cleaning. It is also easy to clean on the sides by climbing a ladder up to few feet. This is a commendable benefit of a wall-hanging model, as you can hang it at any height for a customized leg space.
  • No Clutter: There is no need to have more drawers for having cluttered makeup items inside or makeup bags to excavate through. The modern organizers fit all your daily makeup items in different compartments of one cabinet, at your fingertips.
  • Easier Installation: A wall-mounted organizer is easier to install than a recessed one, as there is no need to open and dig into a wall.

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Types of Wall Mounted Makeup Organizers

Wall mounted organizers tend to vary in terms of size. While choosing one of them, it is essential to know how many and what kind of cosmetics you will store inside. Doing so provides you with the idea of ideal organizer size, which is best suited to your needs. In terms of size, there are two options:

  • Large: Many organizers have large compartments for accommodating bulky items such as fragrances and foundation.
  • Small: Many models are small yet have many compartments to store small accessories such as lipsticks, eye liners, and mascara.

Many organizers are compact and have durable handles, secure compartments that keep leaking or spilling away, and tight-fitting storages for holding delicate items such as eye shadows during transportation. They are ideal for those who travel frequently or need to move with cosmetics from one place to another. They may or may not be mountable. Next, you are likely to come across different organizer styles namely, conventional, contemporary, or transitional. Choosing one of them depends on your personal preference and the prevalent home’s architecture.

  • Conventional: Most of these organizers have wooden frames. However, a wooden construction is not the only indicator of the organizer being traditional. Other indicators are ornamental molding, beveled mirrors, old hardware design, and ageless finishes; all giving a traditional look.
  • Contemporary: The trendiest design in this category is frameless. A frameless organizer gives a sleek, modern look and is also easier to clean, due to the lack of wide edges that attract dust or paper lint. Nevertheless, the edges can be pointed than the framed versions. Thus, extra attention is required if you have kids or people with vision challenges at home. The possibilities of mix and match here is endless. For example, you can choose to merge five small organizers to create space above for a mirror. You can even add task lights to one such organizer against a glass wall.
  • Transitional: These organizers are usually metal-framed models residing between traditional and modern styles. Depending on the surrounding, they can reflect an industrial or retro appearance. An example of a transitional organizer is the one with a horizontal alignment, mirrored sides, power sockets, fluorescent lights, and a sliding mirror. You can even have a traditional organizer that hides behind a framed artwork or an ornamented mirrored door.

You can even choose a makeup organizer as per its storage facilities. Some organizers come with intermingling layers one above the other, while the rest have shelves making up rows or tiers. In terms of installation method, two main types of wall mounted organizers exist namely, wooden models affixed to the wall and hanging models from a hook or on a door. Both make a lot of space. All wood organizers are found in bedrooms, as a bathroom is not an ideal place for wood to last long. Organizers hanging on the back of doors are more appealing to college students and teenagers than to adults.

Wall organizers for cosmetics also vary in terms of construction material. Most of them are made of acrylic, plastic, and wood.

  • Acrylic and Plastic: Of all the three, acrylic is considered ideal for makeup storage, as it is visually striking, easy to clean, resistant to breakage, and is lasting. It is modern plastic, which means there is no need to go for a traditional plastic. Acrylic organizers are clear and hard.
  • Wood: Wood organizers are elegant and antiquely modern. However, they are somewhat infeasible for storing cosmetics such as blushes and foundations, which can get messy to stain the wood. Such wood is often hard to clean. Further, wood warps in moist environments. So, it is wise to choose acrylic for makeup items and wood for furniture.
  • Metal: This can be brass, chrome, or copper. Metallic models are durable and visually striking to eyes if they are well polished.

Top 5 Wall Mounted Makeup Organizers

    • Pana Nail Polish Wall Mounted Display Organizer: It is a metallic rack that can store 126 nail polish bottles in its 6 to 10 shelves. It has a strong and unbreakable frame of metal, which can be in black, red, green, silver, gold, blue, pink, and purple. The organizer mounts to wall easily to release counter and drawer space. Further, it can hold bottles of any brand and facilitates full visibility for choosing the right color instantly. Choose it if you are a professional at home.


    • Pretty Display Nail Polish Rack, Makeup Palette Holder, & Cosmetic Organizer: It is a sturdy but the most affordable as well as easiest to clean organizer in this list with three ultra-clear shelves made of premium-grade acrylic. Unlike other racks with fixed space, this set accommodates taller stuff by leaving sufficient space between them. Flexibility and versatility are also ensured by the ability to accommodate more shelves to prevent running out of storage space. You can easily store lipsticks, nail polish bottles, and foundation bottles.
    • Mirrotek Over the Door Beauty Armoire and Makeup Organizer: It is an American model with slim profile, wood finish, and a bit high price tag. Instead of the wall, it hooks over the door and is fully customizable. It can store mascaras, brushes, eyeliners, scissors, nail polishes on undivided shelves, and even eye shadows on its semi-shelves.


    • SONGMICS Wall Mount Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Makeup Armoire Storage Organizer: It is the most expensive option in this list with a blend of jewelry and cosmetic storage areas inside. Without any assembly, you can hang it easily on wall via its two holes on the rear. There is a glass mirror in the front, the closure is magnetic to keep dust away, and the material is medium-density fiberboard (wood).





The possibilities are endless. However, the selection is dependent on your requirements and budget. Just look for the one that hang nicely and in alignment.

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