Drawers – New type of makeup organizers

This is something new I saw on Pinterest in the last few weeks and I must say, I have never seen this before so I decided to write about that. I believe that there is at least someone who has been living under a rock like I was. I don’t really know how did I manage not to see that, but I’m happy I finally did. So, let’s talk about that.

Using drawers for your makeup

Now, this is quite interesting. There are some good things about this and few bad, but I must say that they look pretty cool. I managed to find quite a few of them on Pinterest and many of them you can do it yourself which is very nice since you will be able to customize it just the way you want it. Here is what I think about this:


  • simple
  • light
  • great organization options
  • customisable
  • requires no extra space
  • hidden (if you like that, I do)


  • takes up your drawers
  • fixed to one table in the room/house
  • can’t fit bigger pieces
  • can be expensive

Final words

Taking all this into consideration, I just have to say that they look pretty cool. They are hidden, they look classy and they take no extra space on your table. This is why I love them. I still didn’t get one for myself since I don’t have a spare drawer just now, but I do plan to get it in the future to see how will it work for me. I like my acrylic makeup organizer since I travel a lot and I like to keep with me at all times. Also, it’s clear and I can see what I have and what I don’t have and put my makeup on accordingly.

While I see why this is a great way to store and use your makeup I don’t really see myself using it much in the future. But are all different from each other and you may like it more than I do. If you like everything to have its place, you don’t have lots of makeup, this could actually be quite a solution for you, but if you don’t like that, then a standard makeup organizer will have to do.

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