Get out of being a statistic and get organized

In a study that was conducted a few years ago, it was found that nearly 64 percent of all women over the age of 14 had at least three of many of their makeup items. It was not that one or two of the duplicates was bad or that they had a home set and a traveling one. This was not the case at all.

In fact, the reason why most women had duplicates of their makeup was because they simply could not find the other items. They had become disorganized trying to keep together all the different makeup that they had and this made it so that they could not find the item that they needed. Instead of beginning a rather extensive search to find it, they went out and bought a new item. Sadly, after having two or three instances where they could not find the makeup item that they were looking for the problem still persisted. Less than half of those women did something differently to try to keep their makeup more organized. This meant the pattern continued without hindrance.

It’s Time for a Change

Maybe this is a problem that you are facing. Maybe you know someone who goes through this challenge. It is a very common occurrence as you can see, but it does not have to be. You can decide to make a change or to help someone else to do so and that starts by having makeup organizer to help to keep the makeup where it should be.

Makeup organizers come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that they can suit the needs of whatever woman you are talking about. There are many great portable kinds, which are very much like a suitcase. They come with compartments and drawers that make it ideal if you need to make your makeup more portable, or if you are in a situation where you have to share a bathroom, like in college, and so you need to bring your makeup to and from the bathroom.

There are also great makeup organizers that are much more like small cabinets. These can be quite sophisticated in the way that they are designed, not only allowing you to easily organize your makeup by type of product, but many also provide a great top portion where the things that you use most are stored here and easily accessed.

In this little tray like structure, you can put your most commonly used lipsticks, nail polishes, and eye liners, as well as items such as tweezers, scissors and other accessories on top where they are easily accessed and used without much challenge. What makes these kinds of organizers so ideal is that they don’t require much work to stay organized.  A lot of the time the reason that the person isn’t organized is that it becomes too cumbersome. These organizers remove that challenge.

If you are having makeup organizer issues then maybe it is time to start doing something that will keep you from buying duplicates of your makeup. A great organizer can really help you to do this.

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