Where should you keep your makeup organizer?

When it comes to places where you can actually keep your makeup organizer, lots of them come to mind, but not all are the best. Here is a list of where I kept or still keep my organizers. I do move them from time to time just to make thing different.


This is probably where most of us keep our organizers. Usually, most of my friends have a big mirror in their bedroom and have a small table in there. That’s a really good place to put on your makeup. It gives your privacy, it’s not for everyone and it’s convenient. I have my desk right on the window which allows me to have a good light when I do my makeup. If you can place your organizer close to a window, you will be doing yourself a huge favour as it will be a lot easier to put your makeup.


┬áThis is maybe the most common place to keep your organizer. This is not a surprise as most of our stuff is already in the bathroom. Also, we can lock ourself in and do anything we want – shave, put on more beauty products and other girl stuff as you already know. There is only one problem with keeping your organizer in the bathroom – not a lot of space. I know that I don’t have much room for something that big to put it in there so I do keep my in my bedroom. If you don’t have lots of makeup and have a bit smaller makeup organizer then yes, that’s a pretty good place to keep it, but it can be problem if you live in a smaller apartment or a house.

Beauty room

This is something I call my beauty room. I don’t have one in the current house, but I did have my own personal room for my own stuff. I stored most of my clothes there and kept my makeup there as well. Since it was a pretty big house, we had the extra room and I decided that I’m gonna take it and so I did. I turned that room into my personal makeup station. It was perfect since it was only used for that and by me, no one else.

Tell me in the comments section below, where do you keep it and where would you like to keep it? You can post pictures as well, I would love to see them!

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